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The Hong Kong Epilepsy Society (HKES) was established in 2002. HKES aim of raising public awareness of epilepsy and encouraging research on epilepsy. In addition, we are committed to promote the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of epilepsy and improving epilepsy education and training.


Hong Kong Epilepsy Society Council Members


Dr. Poon Tak Lap 


Dr. Maggie Yau 

Hon Secretary

Dr. Adrian Hui 

Hon Treasurer

Dr. Noble Kwan 

Council Members


Dr Eva Fung

Dr Ben Fung 

Dr. Kevin Cheng

Dr. Jonathan Chu

Dr. Gardian Fong
Dr Emily Chan 

Dr Michael See 

Dr. Deyond Siu

Dr. HT Wong

Dr Selene Yu 

Dr. XL Zhu

Hon Legal Advisor

Ms Vivian MF Yeung

Immediate Past President

Dr. Howan Leung 


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